Testing / QA

We assure the highest degree of quality at every stage of the project using standard market methodologies which have been time tested in order to deliver to you a quality and well documented product. We achieve this goal using Quality Standards and Quality Assurance techniques right from Requirement Gathering Phase, Design Phase, Development Phase, Testing Phase to Final Acceptance Testing Phase. We ensure adherence to project standards through a rigorous internal process of quality assurance from a functional and technical perspective. We deploy a system level modular component approach and define Project standards right at the onset of the project. We ensure that each and every phase of the project is liberally and clearly documented. This process ensures smooth transition and re-deployment of internal project resource allowing maximum flexibility as a dictate of the ongoing project requirement.

CNTI’s team of Systems Analyst and Quality Control Analysts will perform integration testing based on the test plan approved by the department. Each of the integration points will be tested and defects will be documented and assigned back to programming team. The team will perform regression testing every time a new version is migrated to ensure the system’s functionality has been affected because of the new changes.

Following a successful integration testing, CNT will conduct User Acceptance testing. CNT recommends dividing the user group by function and scheduling the testing by functions. CNT will conduct class room type sessions where in the testers will be given a detail demo of the functions that are being tested and will be followed by the actual testing of the system. Each tester will be given a test result sheet wherein the tester will record the outcome of the testing. At end of each session, CNT will document all findings in the UAT session and present it to the department. CNT will also assign all software defects to the technical team for bug fixing. CNT will conduct atleast two iterations of the UAT session for each function to ensure all identified Software Defects have been rectified. CNT will then prepare a detailed test result report for the users to review and sign off.

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