Microsoft Solutions

CNT Infotech’s staff has extensive experience in understanding business organizations and each of them possess problem-solving skills and hands on work performed for various clients successfully, which enables them to formulate relevant, creative and feasible solutions. We work with a variety of clients implementing Microsoft solutions. Some of our Microsoft Solutions experience:

  • Our staff has experience working with the State Agencies and Healthcare Organizations with the implementation of mission critical systems using Microsoft toolsets.
  • Experience building systems that conform with Federal requirements.
  • Experience implementing Electronic Medical Records and Medical Billing Software using Microsoft Toolsets for Healthcare agencies
  • Experience implementing real time interfaces with multiple legacy and state-of-art systems
  • Years of Experience in maintenance and implementation projects
  • Experience with large public and private sector projects.

Our Microsoft specializations include:

  • Microsoft Framework
  • Microsoft Methodologies
  • SQL Server Database
  • Cloud Computing
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