CNT will discuss the implementation strategy before finalizing the implementation. CNT will train the help desk staff in the functionality to ensure effective support. CNT’s support strategy works at different levels, the “Super Users” are our first level of support for the users in the field. All support requests will go through the “Supers users” at the field and if they are simple training issues, they will be addressed by the “Super Users”. If the “Super Users” are not able to address the requests, then it is passed to the department’s help desk staff. The help desk staff will be trained to handle more advanced training issues and administration/configuration issues. If the help desk staff are not able to address the issues, then the requests will be passed to the Module leads who will then be responsible to address the issues. If the support request is a training issue, then it will be immediately addressed, if it is software defect, then it will be documented and address at a high priority. Any enhancement requests will be routed through the user group for prioritization. All issue identified during the implementation will documented and final report will be presented.

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