CNT’s team of Analyst and Document Specialist will document the user manuals, the record the CBT and update online manuals/help components. Users will have access to field levels and screen level help tips from the system. Upon completion of the documentation, CNT will present the finale version of the documents and CBTs for approval. Following this CNT will conduct the training sessions. Based on our previous experience, training to large groups have to include multiple delivery methods. CNT has utilized several training strategies in the past such as:

  1. Train the trainer
  2. CBT
  3. E-learning
  4. Online Help Manuals and
  5. Field level help tips.

CNT recommends all of the above training strategies to help train the large group of users. CNT’s team lead will be responsible for running the class room type training sessions for each of the functions. Before the start of the sessions, CNT will identify the “Super users” for each of the functions. These users will then be scheduled for in class room training on the functions. These users will then be encouraged to go back and training other users in the field. The trainers can then use the CBTs and Training Manuals to train the users in the field. CNT also recommends to implement our E-learning module which will help the organization run online classes utilizing the same infrastructure. The E-learning module will help in the continuous training and certification of the staff in the system. The system is equipped with field level and screen level help tips to assist the users in the field. CNT will ensure that all training materials are kept updated when new versions are migrated. When a new version of the system is approved, before migrating that version to the production environment, CNT will update and release the updated training materials. All training materials will through a configuration management to ensure the materials are versioned according the system version.

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