Are you looking for a solution to integrate your systems?

Healthcare Organization today usually end up with several systems to meet the different needs within the organization. Implementing systems that do not talk to each other results in poor data management and redundant data entry into individual systems. In order to ensure the integrity of the data, Organizations are forced to implement interface that exchange data between systems without compromising the security and safety of the data. With the advancement of technology there are several techniques to implement interfaces between the systems. Most common HealthCare interfacing standards are HL7, DICOM ANSI X12 and Scripts. There are other customized interfacing technologies such as XML and other Web Techniques. CNTIT has successfully implemented customized system interfaces to meet the unique needs of our client. If you are looking for system integrators, CNTIT will be able to assist in implementing a customized solution to meet your needs.

Our Expertise in System Integration

  • HL7 Interfacing
  • XML Interfacing
  • Needs Identification
  • Documentation
  • Training and Implementation