Business Solution Research

A variety of organizations rely on research services from CNT InfoTech to remain competitive. Our research is designed to provide discovery, analysis, insight and direction to their current marketplace.

The work includes comparisons to best policy practices within a requested industry. CNT then focuses on using existing client data to answer driving questions in the organization and crafts data driven solutions unique to their environment.

Our research has led to the development of new management plans, designed accountability and decision support systems, guided the development and evaluation of new divisions and designed data collection systems.

CNT research also aids in report design and decision support tools to measure the efficacy of project implementation and professional development for a client.

Reports can be generated online and surveys expanded to better meet the needs of a specific project. We help with pricing information, competitor comparisons, feature studies, industry news and real time solutions.

The research process begins with setting an agenda based on the issues a client is facing, yet the perspective is not to set any one goal in stone. Agendas are flexible and respond to market events, new insights and emerging issues as they develop.

The agendas are then driven forward by CNT research teams and communities to review on a regular basis with senior analysts leading the thinking. The analyst then utilizes a variety of tools to understand client market positioning and strategy, product / service fit, audience segmentation and analysis on a competitor.

CNT understands that time is money so reports are delivered while you can still take competitive action. Many projects can be completed in the same day and results are emailed, downloaded, faxed or sent by overnight delivery.

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