Business Solution Attorney Support Services

CNT provides support services to the legal community enabling law firms to instantly access needed information contained in their cases, evidentiary documents, discovery files, due diligence records and boilerplate documents with ease.

The benefits gained from our services result in increased productivity and performance by eliminating the time required to find critical information.

CNT professionals provide support to large scale projects that require quick turnarounds and high quality deliverables. Utilizing our latest technologies and processes, we can provide your legal team with the highest level of service and data availability in the industry today.

Evolution is slow to occur in the legal services industry and the current economic environment is driving clients to demand an evolved delivery process with urgency.

A business model that efficiently delivers with the right technology and with a precise skill set of resources. Our platform includes more efficient back office support to optimize law firm operations overall.

CNT partners with law firms to generate a competitive advantage in this environment and has become a preferred service partner through technology and dedicated professional know how.

CNT methodology involves a detailed consultative review of current support services within a law firm. Improvements are then documented, ranked and assessed taking into consideration the unique culture, financial and performance objectives of the firm. A phased in approach is then used to address areas most conducive to change, evolving towards efficiency and effectiveness.

We believe a consultative approach carries significant weight - given that CNT is responsible for delivering bottom line results. During the entire process, our clients possess the final word on actions taken based on clear benefits and alternatives as presented by our team of professionals.

CNT provides a wealth of services that include but are not limited to the following:

  • word processing / document management
  • office administration support
  • tape transcription
  • writing
  • travel / conference arrangements
  • marketing communications support
  • desktop publishing
  • website design
  • content management - website, blog, etc…
  • database management
  • computer/technical support
  • event management

A law firm can't do it all alone so what better time than now to hire CNT to assist in meeting your business goals. There are specialized skills that enable you to generate income, but if you spend time handling tasks that CNT can perform, income is lost and productivity decreases.

That doesn't have to be the case. Collaborate with us today to get the support services you need, keep costs down, increase productivity and ultimately increase revenue at the firm.

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